Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Third Sorrowful Mystery

Once I was out in the backyard doing a little pruning and cleaning up. I cut off a wayward branch of a rose bush long overdue for pruning, and tossed it over the fence. The vine had a mind of its own, though; it stuck to my sleeve and did the old whip-lash trick, resulting in one little thorn striking me in the head.

It hurt.

I was surprised at how much it hurt…just one little thorn. And of course I immediately thought of Our Lord being “crowned with thorns” – with that little pain I felt being multiplied many, many times over, not to mention the fact that those soldiers probably didn’t just gingerly set the “crown” on His head, but instead jammed it down, resulting in streams of blood...

When I pray the Rosary and come to the Third Sorrowful Mystery, I think of the pain of that one little thorn embedding itself in my scalp, and I consider that my sinfulness is a thorn that pierces Our Lord’s scalp. It is distressing to think how much pain I must cause Him with my sins. If only I could remember that when sinful inclinations overtake me!

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!

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