Monday, November 10, 2014

A Few More Florida Photos

I want to write about the spiritual aspects of our trip to Florida, but that will take a little time. Meanwhile, here are a few more photos from our little trek to Mt. Dora. There is a lovely city park there on the shores of Lake Harris (I think that was the name of it!), with a long, sturdy boardwalk. Apparently, alligators are often seen there, though we only saw one small one.

It was a beautiful park, though! Here are the photos:

The alligator! It was hard to get a photo, but you can probably see it.


Not sure what it is, but it's pretty!

We also went to Clearwater Beach:

Looks like a postcard, doesn't it?! 

This is the church where we went to Mass on Saturday night. They had two kneelers to serve as a communion rail for those who desired it. There were lots of statues in this little church! They also had a choir loft with an organ - and a good organist! Not sure why there was no veil on the tabernacle.

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