Thursday, April 9, 2015

Holy Week Recap

I had a wonderful retreat, as usual. We did not celebrate the Paschal Vigil Mass, due to lack of servers, but we had a Vespers service that was stellar.

I love praying the office of Tenebrae:

It seems like every year when I go to my favorite location for the Sacred Triduum, we end up with a last-minute project. This year it was a "dossal curtain"; I had not heard that term before! It is the long drapery that hangs behind the altar. The project developed like this:

We hung the dossal curtain on a wooden rod and mounted it on brackets on the wall:

The final product was used behind the altar of repose:

During Vespers, we lit the Paschal candle; we may have done things a little out of the ordinary, but there were only three of us present, and we're not talking! Generally, everything is "by the book" here, but there really wasn't a "book" to follow for our particular circumstances.

Here's how everything looked at the end:

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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