Friday, October 23, 2015

More Busy-ness

My life seems to have three compartments. There's my prayer life, which is most important to me, of course. Then there's the part of my life that centers around my family and those children who have recently come into my life. And then there's the business compartment, which is definitely keeping me busy recently.

I have been working on an antependium for a high altar. Perhaps surprisingly, I haven't done one of these before! All of the antependia I have created were for stand-alone altars. I visited the church for which I'm making the current one, and I am going back next week to deliver the antependium and see if it actually fits!

Here is the altar:

 Underneath the black marble overhang, there are hooks, which were clearly meant to support a rod that supports the antependium. You can barely see one of the hooks in this photo...well, maybe you can't, but if I enlarge the photo enough, I can see it!

Because of the black overhang and the matching black base, the antependium, which will only cover the white marble, is only 31" tall. So it was decided to go with a more simple design. I think it will look nice.

I have made a matching tabernacle veil, too.

Meanwhile, this weekend is a "kid" weekend, when the two children I've mentioned before will be visiting their father. We seem to have fallen into a routine of having them out to our house for dinner on Saturday. I do enjoy the children! 

But the center of it all is prayer. I am thankful that I have developed the habit of praying the Divine Office. It is a stabilizing factor in my life, as I negotiate my way through the different compartments these days. 

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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