Saturday, November 30, 2013

Empty Nest

Our daughter moved out on her own a couple of months ago.

I miss her…and yet I don’t miss her. It was time for her to move out, even though we share a close bond. There just comes a time, you know.

One thing I don’t miss is putting the Christmas tree up at the crack of Advent. I was not strong enough to insist on waiting, and I have a couple of excuses. It had been the practice in my own family as I was growing up to put up the tree early in December and sit and admire it and wait for Christmas (presents) for weeks. I knew nothing about Advent then; we weren’t Catholic, and we didn’t even attend church after I was about 7 years old. I knew about the birth of Jesus, but I was more interested in opening gifts. 

So it was hard not to give in to a persistent child - and boy, can she be persistent! But now, this year, Thanksgiving has come and gone (barely), and Advent has arrived. As a Catholic, I love Advent, and I all these years I have wanted to avoid all the Christmas stuff until it was actually, well, Christmas. This year will be more like that.

That’s just the stuff on the surface, though, when it comes to thinking about my daughter growing up and moving out of our home. Underneath, I worry about her. I worry that she won’t hold on to her faith. I worry that she’ll stop attending Mass. I worry that she won’t go to confession at least once a year. I worry that she won’t remain pure.

But of course there is no use in worrying. I try not to. I pray. I know Our Blessed Mother will watch out for my baby. I am grateful for all the saints in Heaven who intercede for us!
 Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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