Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fowl Play, and Spring

Well, we have chickens. We've never raised chickens before, but thought we'd give it a try this year. It was a low-overhead investment; my husband converted the old pig pen into a chicken coop and yard. The chicks themselves are very inexpensive, and the cost of the chicken feed is...well...chicken feed.

The babies arrived yesterday and are being kept in the house under a heat lamp till they can withstand the (still) cold weather outside.

There are two of each color; I have no idea what the official name of each type is!

On the wild side, we see lots of signs of birds nesting, but I was still surprised to hear hatchlings chirping loudly for their supper the other day. A little investigation led to the discovery of a nest in the tree next to my chapel, at eye level. The babies are actually looking like they are approaching fledgling stage, as they are pretty big and have lots of feathers:

Not the best photo, I know,but hopefully you can see a couple of eyes and beaks.

Here's the mom - a little put out that I'm looking at her and taking her picture, and unsure as to whether she should carry that worm to the babies. I snapped the photo and left her quickly so she wouldn't keep them waiting!

Spring continues to unfold here. We have an ornamental plum tree of some sort that has beautiful pink blossoms...still haven't quite been able to capture the color...

Things are pretty green all over the valley right now. Here's a bunch of deer that were enjoying the grass in our pastures yesterday evening.

God provides us with an endless variety of sights and sounds!

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!

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