Monday, October 13, 2014

The Gates of Hell

For me, it started last night: a spiritual battle very different from any I have experienced before. I will spare you the details, other than to say it is intense, confusing, distracting, and full of temptations.

I just considered it my own trials and tribulations until this morning. The battle was continuing, and I mentioned it to my spiritual director. He responded, “The gates of Hell may not ‘prevail’, but someone’s opened them.”

And then what little I had read this morning of the Synod Relatio publication came to mind, and I saw very clearly that the gates have indeed been opened, and that it is really the Pope himself who opened them. So many of our prelates rallying for all the wrong things! The gate of sexual sins that was opened with the acceptance of artificial contraception by the Protestant churches in the 1930’s has been flung wide open now, with this talk of Holy Communion for the divorced-and-remarried, and the way in which homosexual behavior is being “normalized” in so-called Catholic circles by faithless bishops and cardinals.

The world is run by an obsession with sex, and those demons of sexual depravity are running rampant now, gleefully attacking and remaining sense of morality amongst our shepherds.

The good shepherds are being silenced, but they are still fighting. And we do know who wins in the end. That does not mean there won’t be a glorious battle, at the end of which we will witness the incredible victory of Our Lord.

Checking my sources again, I see headlines proclaiming that pro-family Catholics are calling the  Synod report a betrayal…and, well, it is. I see one blogger I know announcing that he will not obey the Pope in this. Well, nothing is settled yet; a synod is only a synod, after all, and this one is an “extraordinary” synod, so it’s just a blip on the chart. A big blip, yes, but still… The Holy Spirit will protect the Church from teaching error. But you see what scandal the Holy Father and the Synod are causing right now. They are at the very least implying that there will be changes in some serious doctrinal matters, and some faithful Catholics might become unfaithful because of that.

In the meantime, I’m praying. Harder. That is our job. Storm Heaven.

God save us.


  1. My heart is quite shattered over the Rome synod. Back to basics for me: God is real; Jesus is who he said he was. b.<><

  2. Yes, I find it disturbing, too. But the good thing is that the division in the Church cannot be denied at this point - at least not be reasonable people. And perhaps something will be done about it. Cardinal Burke seems to be making some very strong statements right now, thanks be to God.

    1. Yes, Cardinal Burke is making some strong statements and there has been a small revolt of sorts; but tthe progressives got it out there for the MSN and so will be reflected on more seriously in the coming year. I pray I am wrong.

  3. I don't think you are wrong. But we do know that "the gates of hell will not prevail". I'm encouraged at the "uprising" amongst the bishops, but I know that the war is far from over. But now the faithful bishops seem to have acknowledged that there is, in fact, a war, and that there will be more battles. They also seem to have put the pope "on notice", so to speak, and now he knows they will not be trampled when it comes to upholding the faith. They need our prayers!!!