Monday, November 19, 2012

Rule of Life

On November 15th, I marked the 8th anniversary of my Rule of Life.

Even though the Rule has remained the same, my life has changed much. I’ve had many spiritual adventures – not all pleasant!

I have decided to read through my Rule very carefully and make any changes that are necessary. I have learned that the Rule is the goal, and I often fall short. Sometimes, I’m told, when a person finds that some part of the Rule is just not working, it should be changed to reflect reality. Not that we give up on the ultimate goal, but perhaps the steps toward it need to be adjusted.

Most of what I have committed to do in my Rule will remain the same: praying the Divine Office in the monastic rite; fasting on certain days; some private devotions; etc.

I haven’t really started the review and revision process…but I did find one thing I had forgotten was in there: half an hour a day of silent prayer before the altar and (empty) tabernacle in my chapel. That needs to start afresh! Even though the Blessed Sacrament is not there, I have experienced that tabernacle, with its door slightly ajar, as a sort of “portal” to all the other tabernacles in the world that do hold Our Blessed Lord. And even though He is not there, I “pretend” He is – I try to behave as if the Blessed Sacrament is there.

In fact, I see my chapel as a “chapel of reparation”: I try to do everything as correctly as possible – changing the altar antependium according to the feast and liturgical color of the day, and making all the signs of reverence required when one enters a sacred place – in order to make reparation for all the liturgical abuses that go on in my parish, diocese, and beyond.

I offer it all to His Majesty.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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