Saturday, December 1, 2012


Advent has begun, as 1st Vespers has been prayed...

And as usual, I'm not quite ready. I try to get the Advent wreath on the table, complete with candles, at the beginning of Advent. I just have such a hard time finding the candles! 

No stores around here carry the right colors, and I can't even seem to order them online very easily. Once, I ordered candles, but forgot to check the actual size...they were teeny tiny candles!

Last year, I used my standard white bees wax candles from the chapel, and wrapped them in  purple and pink ribbon. That's only marginally effective; as they burn down, you have to unravel the ribbon so it doesn't go up in flames.

I'll probably do the same this year. And I'll feel like I'm on schedule if I get that taken care of by dinner time tomorrow (Sunday).

Here's our inauspicious beginning to Advent:

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