Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in My Chapel

Sadly, the local "Midnight Mass" for Christmas was to take place at 8pm! I decided not to attend. Instead, I stayed home, and at 10:15pm, I prayed Vigils, spiritually joining my prayers to those of others who I knew were praying at the same time, but  hundreds of miles away. And then, knowing that at that far-off location Mass would be said immediately following Vigils, I read through the entire Mass, singing the propers and the ordinary. 

It was the best I could do. Mass at 8am the next morning at the local parish was well-intentioned. And it was Mass.

I think my altar looks pretty nice, even if I do have artificial flowers. It is a comfort to me as I try to avoid looking at the poorly decorated altars in the parish churches in this area.

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