Monday, May 1, 2017

Just So You Know...

Well, for some time now, my posts have been at fairly long intervals. I think the time has come to take an official, long break from posting at all. 

Life seems awfully busy! 

My daughter's wedding is in just two and a half weeks! I lie awake at night sometimes wondering if we've forgotten anything. But mostly I've let my daughter worry about that.

Also, I'll soon be spending time taking care of The Fiance's children, as I did last summer; but this year, they will officially be my grandchildren. And The Fiance will be my son-in-law. Now, there's a beginnings, as it were, all the way around.

My husband's recovery from surgery etc is going well, but he'll be having another surgery (hernia repair) in mid-June. 

And other stuff...

So, farewell for now!