Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just For a Moment

 For a moment, I was there…I was consecrated, casting off the “old man” and taking on the habit and a new name and becoming a bride of Christ.

I was sitting in my little chapel, praying. I don’t know what I was praying, really – it was just a reaching out of my heart-felt desires to Our Lord. There were some words, but not many…it was just the yearning for Him.

And then it happened. I just “knew” - for one nebulous moment - what it was to be consecrated to God alone. Just for a second or two… It was powerful. It was immense. It was momentous. It was forever. 


If it turns out that I am never able to be officially consecrated in the Church, at least I will have had a teeny tiny taste of what it really means.

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