Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Empty Nest...Again

Our daughter turned 21, and has moved out of the house for the second time. The two aren't really related, but in my mind, the one makes the other all the more appropriate.

I don't really feel that "empty nest" feeling, though. I feel relief, mostly! There comes a time when a young adult really needs to live on her own, I think. I don't want to be as aware of every detail of her life as I am when she lives at home. She's an adult. She knows right from wrong. If she's living her life in a way that is not exactly the way I would arrange it for her, well, that's probably a good thing! I can't live her life for her, and she doesn't want me interfering!

She moved back home after the first flight from the nest primarily because of finances. It's difficult to find full-time work in this town, and even though she had a good-paying job, it was hard for her to make ends meet. We are all hoping this time will work out a little better. She still isn't really in a full-time job, but she generally can pick up enough hours to create a decent income.

So, here we are, giving it a second shot. I think everyone is satisfied with the arrangement. 

There have been quite a few trips to town and back in the last few days. Here are some pretty Eastern Oregon winter photos.

A moon photo that almost works!

It's been very foggy the past several days.

When the clouds lift a bit, spectacular views are revealed.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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