Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Roof, Completed

When I visited a good friend a few days ago, she reminded me that I had not mentioned "the rest of the story" of the new roof on my chapel.

The roof was successfully completed, and seems to be doing what I had hope it would! We had a heat wave with several days in the 90's, but the chapel maintained an inside temperature of about 65, sometimes going a few degrees higher. After several hot days, it did go up to about 72 at one point. I can live with that! I do have to open windows and use fans at night to pump cooler air in and warmer air out, but I enjoy having that flexibility. It's nice to open the windows and let the fresh air in. I can't do that when I have the air conditioner in the window. 

As my husband always says of his handiwork, "it's not perfect". Sure, I may have preferred "perfect", but this is an improvement, and it is functional, and it was a labor of love.  (And the price was right. Lol!)

For the sake of comparison, here are a few "before" photos:

And here are the "after" shots:

As an afterthought, we added these panels on the back to provide more shade; yeah, they look like an afterthought, but they are very effective!

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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