Monday, July 1, 2013

To Be Happy with God in Heaven

Someone put this link on Face Book:

It's about a soldier who has acted heroically in helping a spina bifida baby in Iraq; the little girl must be about 8 years old now. There are lots of photos testifying to the way her life has been improved by the efforts of the soldier.

Anyway, I do applaud this man for his heroic efforts. It's a very heart-warming story, and who wouldn't want to help a child in such a state?! But I am becoming so hypersensitive to statements like this one, made at toward the end of the series of photos:

Because of Kevin, she has a real shot at happiness in life.

And the first thing that comes to my mind is...but what about happiness for eternity? Has anyone done anything to move this child along the path to Heaven? Is she even a Christian?  Is she baptized?

I don't suppose "society" in general has ever been too concerned about that.

These days, society is all about having the happiest, most comfortable life here on earth…and that has led us down the path to euthanasia, because life is allegedly not worth living if it’s not pain-free, worry-free, sacrifice-free, etc. This mentality encourages abortion, too; witness the recent reports from women who are “glad” they aborted their babies because they were going to be “handicapped” in some way.  Those with no belief in God of course have no understanding of the importance of baptism, but even most Catholics seem to fail to understand this.  

You have to be reminded (or remind yourself) constantly to think about death and eternity, I think; otherwise, it's easy to focus on being "happy" in this life, and not worry about "the next".

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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